Anchored in Christ


It is unbelievable!


Never did we imagine that God would entrust the building of a house for Him, into our hands.


David sought to do this, but the Lord did not grant his desire.


But here we are – nowhere near the calibre of David, yet the Lord has decided

to honour us with this worthy legacy.


Yes legacy; that is what it is!


Now would we be counted among those that built the house of God.

The opportunity is here!


The many cathedrals that litter Great Britain were the visions and labours

of godly heroes past.


May God continue to bless their posterity


Nigeria, here we come; in response to God’s divine ordination.


Anchor Of Hope Christian Fellowship: sitting on the boarders of

Tower Hamlets, London, England; relatively unknown, yet recognized and

blessed by God.


Twenty years down the line as a Ministry, the Lord has taken the first step towards establishing

our first missionary outpost. He provided the strategic

plots of land in an uncommon way.

See what the Lord has done

In the beginning

There is a story behind this mud hut that is so central to the Nigerian Church project. GOD is amazing!